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Our Customers Stories


AGE: 12

Our Veterinarian was thrilled and amazed with the change in her.

Our 14-year-old Beaglier, Sizzles, was barely able to get up from the bed and go outside. She suffered terribly, was extremely ginger when touched, and really struggled throughout the day. Essentially, she seemed to be giving up, and rarely got out of bed at all. We all thought that she didn't have much time left.

What an amazing transformation!

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AGE: 9


"Wouldn’t even know that she had had an injury"



Bella was run over by a car at the beginning of November and her right hip was dislocated. Given her age and injury, I think giving her rose hip now will hopefully speed up her recovery and prevent future ailments

Hi Bella is doing really well!! Wouldn’t even know that she had had an injury 😀 she is back to her crazy self. We had noticed a big difference after about 3 weeks of taking Rose-Hip not just with her injury but her mood and her coat condition too. Such a relief she is back to normal!


AGE: 6
CONDITION: Spinal Disease

"He's showing no signs of any pain"


After being diagnosed with a degenerative spinal disease my boy was struggling to walk and began to show signs of being paralysed in one of his back legs, likely due to swelling on his spinal cord. He was needing painkillers and I was encouraged by the vet to consider euthanasia.

After a few weeks on rosehip vital his walking has improved, he's trying to run around and is able to climb the stairs. He's showing no signs of any pain and is continuing to improve everyday.


AGE: 8
CONDITION: Severe Arthritis


"She's been on it now for 7 weeks and the progress is incredible"



I'm emailing because of my golden retriever, Bailey who suffers with severe arthritis and she was about to start Rose-Hip vital.

She's been on it now for 7 weeks and the progress is incredible. She's gone from not being able to stand up without a harness, to now getting up on her own and going for regular walks. It's also improved her mood. She seems like a different dog and is playful and happy again.


AGE: - 


Corbett has hip problems and been on Rose-Hip Vital for about a month.

It has made a big difference in him.


AGE: - 


Here are some videos of Harvey before he started using Rosehip. First video is the day of his last surgery, second video is a few days after his surgery. Third video is about 4 weeks after the surgery and before we started using Rosehip. Fourth video is him today.


AGE: -


Before Rose-Hip Vital Canine:

Limping, carrying his rear left leg, unable to jump on the couch, slow climbing stairs. Reluctant to walk.  


After Rose-Hip Vital Canine:

Running around like a little mad man.


AGE: -
CONDITION: Grass Allergy


 "How much happier Max is in just a few weeks!"



OCT 2019
Max is enjoying his morning treat, I can definitely see it helping his grass allergy and he is also walking better on his back legs. It’s only been 2wks and although he still struggles getting up from his bed, once moving he has a spring in his step. I’m happy with that considering less than 4wks ago he couldn’t hardly walk more than 3 steps. I will keep you posted on his progress. 

Kindest regards

NOV 2019
How much happier Max is in just a few weeks! His gone from just a few steps and sitting, to almost a little run. We’re so happy seeing our boy up and about happy. 

Thank You So Much 

Kinds Regards 
Sharon & Max 

FEB 2020
Max is doing amazing his lost 12kg and has his rose hip vital with an anti-inflammatory every morning. No more limping and can run now although we try to avoid that, we’re just happy he can walk with no pain. We have recommended rose hip to some of our friends to help their fur babies, they are happy with the results.

Thank You-for checking in on Max that means a lot. 

Kind Regards


AGE: 8

CONDITION: Spinal Issues


"Rose-Hip Vital Canine has literally saved his life!"




When Enzo was 7 weeks old he was dropped, resulting in a broken growth plate in his left shoulder. He had an X-ray at the Allambie Vet who sent the x-rays on to a specialist. I was given 3 options by the specialist – 1) amputation 2) fusion of the joint 3) let it heal by itself and see how he goes. The specialist recommended the conservative approach and let it heal by itself. I did so and Enzo did ok.


When he was 1 year old, he became the youngest dog to participate in the Stem Cells trials that Allambie Vet was facilitating. The Stem Cell surgery gave him more movement in his shoulder. However, he has limped all his life and his right leg and shoulder had to develop to take the weight. His right leg became over rotated and by the age of 5 was showing signs of arthritis in both front legs. For 3 years Enzo once a year did a course of injections over 4 weeks for his arthritis.


We were out walking in November 2018 and like the flick of a switch his back-right leg gave in and he had difficulty walking. The next day his left back leg did the same. His spinal condition was a worn disc, X-rays showed there was minimal gap between his vertebrae causing the crushing of a nerve. The vet said all they could do was surgery with first an MRI to know the detail of how to operate. However, they said it was highly possible that surgery would not improve his condition. The total cost of $12,000 with a high possibility that it wouldn't be successful, was daunting. The vet prescribed daily nerve pain killers for Enzo (Neurontin) which he still takes twice a day. Having both his back legs weakening he could only get along for about ten minutes then I would have to carry him, and 20 kilos is a lot to carry! After a couple of weeks of carrying him, my own back was starting to become sore. His condition declined and so I bought an old pram to get him around.


Enzo has a huge spirit and gentle soul, so loved by everyone he meets. It was a shock for those who knew him to see him in a pram. It was heart-breaking to see his muscles wasting away and his spine became so prominent, all within 3 weeks. I took him for chiropractic treatments and acupuncture, but Enzo was scared of the treatment process so badly, it was not an option.


Enzo let me use a handheld shiatsu massage machine on him daily. This was a blessing as he desperately needed the release in his tightening muscles. But his condition was still worsening, he could not stand by himself to go to the toilet and needed my help to hold him.


He became so depressed and helpless that his sister was at a loss. Rosa too became depressed and would check on him numerous times of the day. It was incredible to believe that he went from being so active and within 6 weeks I was now fearing I would possibly have to contemplate euthanasia.


Then I saw an ad on Facebook for Rosehip Vital. I reviewed the testimonials and decided to give it a go. Within 3 days Enzo showed improvement and 3 weeks later Enzo was asking to be let out of the pram. He would walk and sniff around for about 5 to 8 metres then bark at me, to go back in the pram. It was so exciting to see him walk and go to the toilet by himself. It may not sound like much, but this was a game changer for Enzo.


He was improving by the week and clearly coming out of his depression. His sister, Rosa was evidently happy too from her encouraging behaviour. As the months went by his daily walks became longer and less time in the pram.


In February 2020 Enzo does not need the pram anymore, he is back to being his own man (dog).


Every day in the past 12 months when out walking my dogs I have been asked about Enzo and everyday I have told people about Rosehip Vital and how it has given him his mobility back.


It has literally saved his life. I feel so, lucky to have come across the product and Enzo is a true Ambassador for Rosehip Vital.




AGE: 12
CONDITION: Rapid Onset Arthritis
"Any extra days you can give your dog of quality life are worth it. You can't put a price on that."




My senior dog, Diesel, is 12.5 years old. Although he's a been a healthy dog in the fall, around September he was diagnosed with Rapid Onset Arthritis and it got bad really really fast.


He could not walk on our floors very well, his hips would sway drastically. It got to the point for him to walk in the house we had to use a sling. The vet told us he would deteriorate really quickly. They put him on pain medication so I could manage his comfort level and they recommended helping him walk. 


We tried everything. We tried socks but they didn't work very well and then we got him a sling which helped a little. He could only play or walk when he was in the sling. The vet basically told us do what you can to keep him comfortable but we had to watch him for signs of extreme pain. If we noticed he had a loss of appetite or trouble with bowel movements we would have to make a very difficult decision. As a family we knew that day might be sooner rather than later as things were progressing quickly. 


I started doing some research on his condition and I found a supplement on a Facebook ad. It showed senior dogs in their ads that were walking just like him. The ad said it would help him show drastic improvement in a short period of time yadda yadda yadda. I'm not a fan of snake oil supplements and things that make promises but when it comes to my dogs I thought I'll try anything.


I decided to order it, I gave him 3 scoops in the morning 3 scoops at night. 3 weeks later, after trying the supplement, he was running and playing. This is the dog that couldn't walk down the hallway without the use of a sling and here he is. Playing and running, he has joy, his tail is wagging. He gained weight because he either loves the taste or he's in less pain so he got his appetite back. 


For something that was supposed to get progressively worse rapidly, not only did it stop progressing but it got better! I would say he improved by 50%. He's not like a 2 year old dog again but any extra days you can give your dog of quality life are worth it. You can't put a price on that. This is definitely going to be apart of his routine for the rest of his life. 


AGE: 11

"Anything I give her I usually have to hide in food but not Rose-Hip Vital she loooooves it."




Tasha is doing well, definitely has improved since being on Rose-Hip Vital. After a month on rosehip vital she is walking much easier and climbing stairs better.

And a few friends have also ordered since seeing how much Tasha has improved. Anything I give her I usually have to hide in food but not Rose hip vital she loooooves it. I use two scoop morning and one scoop evening. I originally ordered canine but now have Equine but use the canine scoop. Tasha weighs 20 kg.
Thank you so much


AGE: 13



"After 6 weeks on Rose-Hip Vital Canine Ted has a new lease of life!"




Ted found it hard to get up and down the stairs, it was an effort for him to go about his daily business. He loved coming for rides in the car but had trouble getting in. After 6 weeks on Rose-Hip Vital Canine Ted has a new lease of life, he can now bound up the stairs and jump into the car with ease.

Ted is enjoying his life again, going for long walks and chasing his ball. When I look at him I can see him smiling it is fantastic!


AGE: 15
CONDITION:  Pinched Nerve

"It was just so nice seeing him play with his mates again and enjoying it!"




Pumba was an amazing athlete his whole life! But the stress of living a full life had created arthritic changes in some of his joints but predominantly his spine. We'd been recommended getting him on glucosamine chondroitin which we did, but there was no significant improvement.

The smallest of steps became difficult and for a dog that was used to doing everything with ease it was frustrating him. I'd had friends with horses tell me about Rose-Hip Vital and what it'd done for their dressage stallions. So we gave it a go!

Within 3 weeks Pumba regained vigour, but most of all, his pain had eased so much. His glowingly sad demeanour saw a glow back in his eyes.

It was just so nice seeing him play with his mates again and enjoying it!



Dr Camille Brandt talks about her experience with Rose-Hip Vital Canine
BVSC (Hons I), MVS (SAP)
Orchard Hill Veterinary Hospital

"I recommend Rose-Hip Vital for Skin Conditions and Arthritis"




AGE: 9
CONDITION: Severe Arthritis


"Her way of life has changed and we could not be more thankful."




We rescued Kira from the pound when she was 6 weeks old. Kira grew to love playing fetch and would not stop even when she was so exhausted that she could not run anymore.

Kira started to show symptoms of arthritis when she was 6 years old. Within 3 years, Kira progressed to severe arthritis in both her front legs. She was on 3 different types of pain and anti-inflammatory medication prescribed by the vet and we also gave her 2 natural remedies (fish oil and turmeric). The medication alone, was costing around $5 per day and with everything Kira was taking, it was just keeping the arthritis at bay. She had good days, but mainly bad days. We were close to putting her down if she wasn’t going to get better as we didn’t want her to suffer.

I was scrolling through Facebook one day and come across an ad on Rose-Hip Vital. We watched a few videos and thought – there’s no harm in trying, what do we have to lose?

We have never been so amazed.

Within 3 weeks, Kira was able to move without limping. Her way of life has changed and we could not be more thankful.
She has now been on Rose-Hip for 1 year and is loving playing fetch again.

Rose-Hip has changed our lives and we are so grateful to be able to spend more years with Kira.


AGE: 10
CONDITION: Arthritis


"We have tried so many products and this is the ONLY one that has worked."




Roxy is a 10 year old SchipperPom. Yes she is overweight, because she can't walk more than a couple of hundred metres. She has a spur on her rib cage and turned in foot which has caused arthritis.

After 3 weeks on Rose-Hip Vital for canines, the difference is extraordinary. We have tried so many products and this is the ONLY one that has worked.
She still gets sore after her walks, but she has improved so much, we have told all our friends about the product.

Think I will try the one for humans too!



AGE: 5


"Within the first 2 weeks on Rose-Hip Vital Georgia was no longer limping!"




Georgia woke up lame the first week of March. Multiple vet visits, anti-inflammatory shots, cartrophen injections provided no relief. We took her to a specialist vet in the last week of May and we’re advised that this particular injury is very hard to diagnose and even harder to treat with very little chance of a positive result. Within the first 2 weeks on Rose-Hip Vital Georgia was no longer limping! She seemed happy again and was no longer exhibiting signs of stress & fatigue all day.
It’s been just over 4 weeks since we started and we are now able to walk/run her every day with no limping at all!




AGE: 9


'He is actually running. I am soooo happy!'




9 yrs old Maltese cross fox terrier jack Russell shitzu, he has always had issues with his legs.

I haven’t tried anything with his as yet and he has been on Rose hip for only two weeks, maybe three.

He is actually running. I am soooo happy!



AGE: 12


'Our Veterinarian was thrilled and amazed with the change in her'




Our 12-year-old Beaglier, Sizzles, was barely able to get up from the bed and go outside. She suffered terribly, was extremely ginger when touched, and really struggled throughout the day. Essentially, she seemed to be giving up, and rarely got out of bed at all. We all thought that she didn't have much time left.

What an amazing transformation!

A short while after starting with the Rose-Hip Vital (which she loves, by the way!), she began to show more energy and range of movement. The spark has returned to our old girl, and she seems to have a renewed lease on life. Now, she zooms around the house and outside (it's hard to keep up with her at times). Our Veterinarian was thrilled and amazed with the change in her. The Rose-Hip Vital has been a game-changer for our old girl.

Thank you!

Improve your dog’s joint health and wellbeing

Reduce inflammation, protect cartilage and boost immunity

Rose-Hip Vital® Canine is a plant-based anti-inflammatory and immune system support for your dog's joint health and general wellbeing. Made from Rosehips manufactured with patented processes, Rose-Hip Vital® Canine is scientifically proven to reduce inflammation, protect cartilage, improve general health and improve performance.

Patented extraction and drying processes isolate and activate the compound GOPO® which has scientifically proven anti-inflammatory and antioxidative properties. GOPO® works by stopping excess white blood cells from gathering around inflamed tissue, thereby helping to break the cycle of inflammation and protect cartilage. Rosehip products that do not contain GOPO® have not been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties.


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