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Sophie Adams

CONDITION: Performance

"They felt free in their action, their coats were healthier, and their attitude to work had improved"

My experience with Rose-Hip Vital Equine started when my partner Tim began using the product a few years ago for himself and his eventers. After seeing the results with my own eyes and hearing him rave about it, I decided I would have to... borrow... some for my own eventers. After a few weeks of… borrowing... I noticed a difference in the way my horses felt. They felt free in their action, their coats were healthier, and their attitude to work had improved. Six weeks ago Tim left for England with two of his horses - GV Billy Elliot and Napoleon - to compete for the season.. and with him went my supply of RHVE!! It literally took less than 2 weeks of not using the product for me to feel the difference in my horses. In particular my 2 star horse Umunga. At 16 he is relatively old for the level he is competing at, however he has NEVER felt his age. He is an exuberant character and can sometimes get a little too excited for the dressage. However that healthy spring in his step always comes in handy for cross country and showjumping, where he usually shines. After not having his daily RHVE, Umi felt instantly creaky, shorter in his stride and generally old. I can honestly say the difference was unbelievable. The whole time he had been on RHVE I took for granted how effective it had been. Needless to say they are all back on their RHVE and I am very much looking forward to having my horses looking and feeling their best again. Particularly Umi as he heads towards Melbourne International 3 Day Event in June. Our Labrador Teddy has been a loyal customer at SASH since he was 6 months old. He has had OCDs removed from both his elbows. He has also had surgery to repair the cruciate ligament in his left hind when he was 4 years old, then the right hind when he was 6 years old. We joke that he is the world's most expensive dog! He generally didn't do much, mostly slept on his couch at home and in the tack box when we were away at horse events. When we discovered Rose-Hip Vital Equine, we also discovered Rose-Hip Vital Canine. Suddenly our slovenly, lame Labrador was running around like a puppy, playing and spending more time outside on the yard and less time on the couch! Even Andrew, Teddy's surgeon from SASH can't quite believe how well Ted is moving? He was genuinely surprised to hear recently that at 8 years old Teddy is able to happily walk a 5km cross country course with us pain free.

- Soph

Sophie Adams Rose-Hip Vital Equine

Improve your horse's joint health and wellbeing

Reduce inflammation, protect cartilage and boost immunity

Rose-Hip Vital® Equine is a plant-based anti- inflammatory and immune system support for your horse’s joint health and general wellbeing. Made from Rosehips manufactured with patented processes, Rose-Hip Vital® Equine is scientifically proven to reduce inflammation, protect cartilage, improve general health and improve performance.

Patented extraction and drying processes isolate and activate the compound GOPO® which has scientifically proven anti-inflammatory and antioxidative properties. GOPO® works by stopping excess white blood cells from gathering around inflamed tissue, thereby helping to break the cycle of inflammation and protect cartilage. Rosehip products that do not contain GOPO® have not been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties.