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Top tips on how to keep your dog cool this Summer!

Top tips on how to keep your dog cool this Summer!

December brings Summer and an onslaught of hot weather across Australia including humidity in many places. So how can we keep our dogs cool this summer? We have a few ideas that may help with keeping your dog cool this summer! 

1. BIG ice cubes!

This is a nice easy one where you can freeze cup/small size blocks of ice and then add to their water bowls/buckets. By adding these to their water bowls in the morning, it will help to keep their water cooler throughout the day. Hopefully they don’t scoop them out and play with them first thing!

2. Wet bandanna or towel

There are specially made doggy bandannas but you could also use a wet tea towel gently around your dogs neck to help keep them cool or even a wet towel to lie on in the peak of the hotter days.

3. Doggy Ice treats!

This is a fun one and one that will last a while! Take a large plastic container (large ice cream container if you have a larger dog & maybe a take away food container size for smaller dogs)  and fill about a 1/4 with water (you can add some chicken or beef broth if you wish – add in some of your dogs favourite treats such as liver treats, schmackos, pig ears and more! Freeze this portion and then repeat the process until the container is full. Then you can serve this icy treat to your dog & earn yourself top doggy brownie points. If you have more than 1 dog then look to make them one each. You could also add their favourite little toys or some sliced veggies and fruit for variety.

4. Mini Swimming Pools

Who doesn’t love a pool? Sometimes we don’t have a large family pool so the next best idea could be the trusty sea shell pool available from places like Bunnings for under $14. Yes its designed for kids but there is no reason why you can’t make it into a mini pool for your dog/s on a hot day!

5. Dog Beach

If you are lucky enough to live in the coastal fringes of Australia or near a safe swimming lake then this is another great way to allow your dog to cool off. Make sure you dog is social and happy to be around other dogs and of course is up to date with vaccinations and comes to you when called. Be warned for the sand that comes with it all!

6. Sprinkler

This can be fun for the dogs & the kids! Turn the sprinkler on – ideally in the shade and allow them to have some fun. If you have a dog with light fur/nose please consider a doggy friendly sunscreen for them – of course the same for the kids too.

Image from Houston Garden

7. Access to Indoors

Of course on a hot day it is best to allow your dog inside where its coolest and access to tiles for them to lie on – if you have air conditioning they probably won’t say no when you reach for the remote to turn it on.

Share with us your favourite tips & ideas to keep your dog cool in the hot weather! 

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