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Rider Of The Month Sydney Evans

Rider of the Month: Sydney Evans

Sydney Evans has been riding horses for a majority of her life. We chatted to her about her horses, her life and her favourite competition memory. 

When and how did you start riding?
I was 2 years old (in 2001) when I sat on my first pony Jimmy an aged welsh pony. We used to live on a 30 acre property in SA, my mum was always working with horses and I guess I just caught the bug!

What do you love most about riding and working with horses?
I love being able to connect with each horse and understand their strengths and weaknesses. Also, I love seeing our horses change and improve each week to develop into future dressage champions.

What skills, abilities and training do you need to succeed in your chosen discipline?
In my opinion, it is most important to have patience and empathy for the horse, understanding that they are athletes I try to build a harmonious relationship with each horse that I ride.

Briefly describe the services you offer.
I left school last year to ride my horses and clients horses full time. Since I left I have started buying and selling projects, taking horses in for training and travelling to Dural to ride and teach my lovely clients and horses. I couldnt ask for anything better!

What do you consider your biggest equestrian achievement to date?
My biggest achievement so far is taking my pony Dara Park Tequila Sunrise in as a green broken 3 year old to now where we are competing at FEI level and starting some Grand Prix movements. I have enjoyed training Sunny through the levels winning many State and National Championships along the way.

What is your favourite competition memory?
My favourite competition memory was competing my stallion Belcam Geldof at this years National Young Rider Champs in the CDI-Y classes and coming National FEI young rider reserve champion.

Tell us a little about your current competition horses.
I have Dara Park Tequila Sunrise is a 10 year old Arab/Welsh pony competing small tour, Belcam Geldof is a 20 year old Warmblood stallion training Grand Prix, F1 Julius Caesar is a 7 year old 16.3hh gelding just starting his competition career and I also have a handful of talented clients horses.

What is your goal for them over the next 12 months?
I have different goals for each horse. For Sunny, the goal is to start competing at Middle Tour in the next 12 months. With Bronson, I would love to have a couple of starts at the U25 Grand Prix and for Jay, the goal is to compete competitively at Prelim/Novice.

If someone wanted to follow a similar journey to you what tips would you offer them?
Some tips that I would offer to someone wanting to follow a similar journey to me is to show passion, commitment and dedication. I would also tell them to take all advice in and seek help along the way.

What advice would you would you give to your younger self?
Some advice that I would give to my younger self is to not be afraid to ask questions when youre having some problems

Besides riding horses, what else are you passionate about?
When Im not actually riding horses I am online shopping for them Rider Of The Month Sydney Evans

Who or what inspires you?
Watching professional riders riding in a harmonious and compassionate way.

How long have you been using Rose-Hip Vital?
I have been using Rose-Hip Vital for 2 and a half years

How did you find about Rose-Hip Vital it and why did you start using it?
I found out about Rose-Hip Vital by word of mouth and then researched the product. I started using it because I had a horse with trauma in all four legs and my vet recommended trying it.

Tell us about the health benefits you have experienced or noticed since using it?
Since I started using Rose-Hip Vital I have noticed that my competition horses skin and coat looks much healthier. None of our horses have has a cold as it has boosted their immune system and they become more resilient against germs. Most importantly, they have stayed sound especially Bronson who should have been retired due to trauma in his legs. We have not noticed any arthritic changes or joint pain since using this product.

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