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Sharyn Symonds

Dressage Specialist
: Performance

"OMG I cannot believe the difference in my horse after just 3 weeks"

June 2014

Dear Rose-Hip Vital Equine, Just wanted to say OMG I cannot believe the difference in my horse after just 3 weeks on this product. He has ringbone in his off hind and I manage it with special shoe/pentosan every 6 weeks. We are a competitive level 1 combination in HRCAV (Horse Riding Clubs Association Victoria) and despite my good management with the above and regular visits from an acupuncturist there was always an element of stiffness to our work. I cannot believe the difference I feel in him in just 3 weeks!! Like riding a totally different horse!!! He was due for his pentosan injection last week and usually by the 6 week mark comes around he feels stiffer than he usually is but not this time. Thank you for a fantastic product and my horse thanks you too!!

October 2014

Tonight as I write this update I am so proud to share with you that Flash (Aldebaran Admeyer) and I have made it into the Saddle Up Top 10 Awards in the discipline of Dressage riding for the HRCAV. (Horse Riding Clubs Association of Victoria). Something that I am certain we would not have achieved without the success that we have experienced using Rose-Hip Vital. You may recall that Flash has Ringbone and was having 4 weekly pentosan injections. Well I am so pleased to report that since starting on Rose-Hip vital he has not required any pentosan injections!! That is almost 6 months now!!! And to add to that his training schedule is much tougher as we have started to climb the levels and are well onto our way to being an established and competitive Level 1 combination.

Next on the agenda for Flash and is a show!! Yes a show…..he looks so well and shiny that we have decided to compete next weekend at a HRCAV show in Level 1. After that we have a clinic with Gary Lung (Grand Prix Dressage rider) on the 23rd and 24th of October. Following the clinic we will compete at a 2 day dressage comp on sat & sun 25th/26th Oct. So being a tough week I will plan to up his Rose-Hip Vital as suggested.

March 2015

Going better than ever 12 months on…….. where does the time go!! Today I walked into the feed room and noticed a date on the whiteboard. That date was written almost 12 months ago and marked the day that I started flash on Rose-Hip Vital Equine!! So with that in mind I thought I’d put pen to paper and give you all an update on how Flash is going.

Over the last few months we have have been training hard to improve our marks and be more competitive at HRCAV level 1 which we pointed up to late last year. This in itself was a huge achievement having started only 18 months prior in level 4. To become more competitive at this level a higher degree of collection is required which means Flash has to carry more weight on his hind legs. This of course worried me at first as it is his off hind that has ringbone in it which is the very reason that flash was first started on Rose-Hip Vital Equine. Well like every other report I have written I am pleased to say that despite having to carry more weight on the affected limb Flash remains 100% sound with the use of only Rose-Hip Vital Equine!!!

Next on the agenda for Flash and I are the HRCAV Individual championships in 2 weeks time followed by the EV Masters Games at Werribee.

If you see us out and about please come say hello and if you have any questions about Rose-Hip Vital don’t hesitate to ask me. It truly is an amazing product for which Flash & I are very grateful for. Until next time…. happy riding.

December 2015

My journey with Rose-Hip Vital started just over 12 months ago after a friend suggested I should try it on my horse Flash. At the time I was giving him Pentosan every 4-6 weeks to manage his ringbone to try and keep him sound enough to compete. Over 12 months on and he continues to go from strength to strength and is managed now on Rose-Hip Vital alone.

Our partnership together started out 3yrs ago where we competed as a level 4 combination and over time we have worked our way up through the ranks of HRCAV where we now compete at Level 1 and are knocking on the door of advanced!!

It has been an exciting year which has included winning a few championships, gaining our 100 point dressage award and just last weekend we acheived some great scores competing in the Level 1 HRCAV at the Saddleworld Dressage Festival where we placed amongst a strong field of riders. But probably the biggest highlight for me is the fact that my horse has remained sound and continues to give me 100% as we continue on this totally addictive journey that is dressage!!! But it’s not only my horses that benefit from Rose-Hip Vital, the dogs are now all on it after our Kelpie (spike) ruptured his cruciate 12 weeks ago. The vet was keen for me to start him on cartrophen and 4Cyte straight after the operation which included placing titanium bits in his leg to repair it. Despite the vets advice I chose to use just Rose-Hip Vital and Spike’s recovery has been amazing!!! Even my vet is impressed with just how well he is and how well he recovered!!! He is back to chasing rabbits full speed down the back paddock…….the very thing that ruptured his cruciate in the first place. (Aaaargh!!!!)

It has been a great 12 months with both competition horses going from strength to strength in their training and in competition and we couldn’t have achieved all that we have without Rose-Hip Vital!!

From the horses, to the dogs and to the humans……….over the past 12 months we have all enjoyed the benefits.

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