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4 Quick And Healthy Lunch Box Ideas

 4 Quick And Healthy Lunch Box Ideas

With school and work back in full swing for 2016, you might be finding yourself stuck in a rut for different ideas on what to put in your own or the kids lunchboxes.

When we start running out of ideas or motivation, buying take-out lunch or pre-packaged foods begin looking like an easy option. However, lunches dont have to be boring or unhealthy! We have collated some of our favourite quick, easy AND healthy lunchbox tips and ideas to help you get motivated and inspired

Salad in style

Love salads but not a fan of soggy lettuce leaves? The perfect solution is a salad in a jar. The trick is to put all wet ingredients in first at the bottom of the jar such as dressings, followed by any ingredients that are big, chunky or non-absorbent (i.e. protein, grains or nuts) followed by any vegetables, cheeses and leafy greens. Everything stays separate and dressing-free until you toss the salad together in the bowl. Better yet, these salads can last for days so you can easily pre-prepare these for the whole week and add in your protein of choice never eat another soggy lunch salad again! Get more salad jar inspiration here.

Wrap it up 

If youve had it with the plain same old sandwich, why not try a wrap instead? We like this falafel wrap shared by Lola Berry that is not only a crowd pleaser with all the family but is super healthy as well! Take your wrap a notch further by using pita wraps or cutting it up into pinwheels that not only look more appealing but are also bite sized and easy to eat. Other ingredients we like to include in wraps included quinoa and chickpeas, boiled eggs, avocado, ham or other cold meats  and plenty of veggies!

Healthy and Colourful 

Perfect for breakfast, lunch and even dinner, a frittata is an easy dish that can be eaten hot or cold and can be made with a whole variety of nutritious ingredients. Make it the night before and pack it with your favourite veggies, herbs and cheeses for a meal that is healthy and high in protein. Try this frittata made with black beans, cherry tomatoes and basil for some inspiration to get you going. These can be cut into wedges (or fun shapes for the kids!) and eaten with wholemeal bread or a side salad.

For those with a sweet tooth 

For those who want a healthier alternative to delicious but sugar and additive laden sweets, why not try making your own home-made treats? We like these healthy apricot bites by The Nourished Psychologist made with just 3 ingredients organic dried apricots, preservative free desiccated coconut and goji berries. Pop all of these ingredients a food processor until the mixture sticks together. These can be made into squares or balls making them an easy option to include in everyones lunchboxes. But if chocolate is more your thing, try these easy chia choc cookies shared by Vegie Head made with dark chocolate instead.

Pro tip:

If youre feeling extra creative and a little bit #inspired, take a look at some of these Instagram accounts who share some amazing lunchbox ideas? Whoever said being a vegetarian is boring has yet to see @lifeofavegetarians snaps of her daily meals and bento box lunchboxes. And if cutting up super cool designs in your sandwiches, fruit and veg is right up your alley you then need to take a peek at @rockthelunchbox you will never be stuck for ideas again!

What are some of your best lunch box ideas? Comment below or share them with us on Instagram. You can find us at @rosehipvital

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