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4 Tips For Staying Active This Summer

4 Tips For Staying Active This Summer

Cant get motivated to exercise? Maybe you live alone? According to our recent study*, 20% of people dont regularly exercise and those who live alone are the largest group of non-exercisers.  Heres a few ideas to inspire you to get outdoors and get the body moving regularly!

Summer is the best time to get outdoors (sun screen a must), and now that its getting lighter later and the Christmas holidays are not far off, we thoughts a few tips on how to get yourself into gear and out the door would be helpful not only to improve your health and fitness but also your social life!

Grab some friends

Exercising alone can lead to a lack of motivation. You need someone to share your achievements with and to be accountable to when you start to make excuses for why you cant get out. Grab a bunch of friends, neighbours or even family and start a regular exercise group. Whether its following a YouTube tutorial in the backyard, heading to the local gym together or pooling your resources to hire a personal trainer a couple of times a week, there is something out there for every budget.  If youre close to your work colleagues why not start up a work soccer or basketball team? Its a great way to get to know each other and good for everyone to hop out of the office chair and into the fresh air during the day.

Join Group Classes

Just moved to a new area, maybe you dont know many people yet or your friends have all moved away or are busy? A great way to make new friends and get fit is to join your local gym and sign up for some classes. Most gyms have fairly reasonable membership rates (especially if youre a student or a senior) which include use of the facilities as well as weekly classes. If you live in a big city there are often free outdoor classes and courses over summer, including yoga and pilates in the park, as well as cheap local boot camps where you can get fit with a bunch of like-minded people. We love the new app called kFit which is an alternative to a gym membership and gives you access to all types of classes in your local area raging from yoga, run groups and boxing classes. Download now on iTunes or Google play  !

Exercise during your break create a routine

Make the most of breaks in your day and dedicate a regular time to your fitness. Lunchtime, early morning, after work or between studies set a time and make it a habit. It doesnt have to be anything fancy just walking to or from the shops or going for a run in the local park. There are local pools in most Australian suburbs that open early in summer and stay open into the evening, and nothing is more refreshing than a quick swim at the end of the day. If you are near a beach- its free!!  If youre after something quieter why not make time for a quick yoga session. You dont need much space and YouTube is full of great tutorials. Once youre in the routine of daily exercise it wont be long before you wonder what you used to do in all that spare time!

Join a sports team

Traditionally the realm of school children, sports teams are great fun. There are all different levels from raw beginner to semi-professional and there is a huge range out there. Whether youre into soccer, netball, squash, tennis or hockey there really is something for everyone you can even bring oranges for the break. Most cities and towns have at least one or two teams, and its worth asking around you might be surprised by how many of your friends are involved. Plus the exhilaration of winning a game is the ultimate pick-me-up.

There are so many options available but it is important to go at your own pace and look after yourself. With exercise the all or nothing approach isnt the best. Every little bit counts and the easier it is for you to exercise the more likely it is you will keep it up.

And dont forget to support your joints.  While most Australians are aware of the need to keep hydrated and eat a healthy diet, only 15% take joint supplements as an accompaniment to their exercise routine. Joints need to be taken care of. This means considering how a sport effects your body and what pre and post measures need to be taken so you dont injure yourself.

Keep a lookout for more posts over the month with further tips on staying active and keeping your joints healthy over summer.

*All survey results above come from a recent survey undertaken by McCrindle on behalf of Rose-Hip Vital.


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