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Interview Pilates By Lisa

Interview Pilates By Lisa

Wondering how a successful journey starts? We sat down with Lisa from Pilates by Lisa and asked her about her life, her business, health & whats coming up next!

1. Share your journey with us.
Ever since a young age I had always been interested in fitness & health and one of my majors at University was exercise science. The story of Joseph Pilates had always intrigued me, therefore, after passing all my fitness qualifications and finishing my University degree, the next obvious step for me was to get my Pilates qualifications. I did this and started a small community class for locals and at the same time hoped to financially make ends meet. The class was a resounding success. I had a lot of requests for more classes, but with limited time and funds the idea of bringing my classes to people online was born. How convenient would it be to not have to leave home to be able to workout, or to be able to take your workouts with you to work or on holidays? Suddenly a whole new world would open up for stay at home mums, the elderly or anyone who may be intimidated by attending a live class.
Pilates by Lisa was born and has never looked back.

2. Why Pilates?
Joe Pilates once said In 10 sessions youll feel the difference, in 20 youll see the difference and in 30 youll have a whole new body
The amazing thing about Pilates is that anyone, no matter their age, size or fitness level, can take part and reap the incredible benefits. The results are undeniable, its effective and it can be as challenging or as gentle as you like due to the versatility of each exercise. Pilates exercises dramatically strengthen the core and pelvic floor, providing stability, strength and support for the spine. So not only will you have a lean, toned figure, but it also increases the longevity of your joints and eliminates aches and pains so you can exercise forever! If you want amazing posture, strength, balance, flexibility and a toned, taut figure, then Pilates is for you!

3. What Else Do you Love To Do?
Pilates is my focus in life but away from the studio I just like to chill. I love playing my piano. I started playing when I was five years old and it is my greatest stress reliever. I am a graded player with AMEB and can sit down and play for hours. For me playing piano really is one of lifes little pleasures! Walks on the beach with my partner Tim and our mini Daschaund Diggity and sitting with a coffee at our local caf and watching the world go by are my other favourite downtime things to do. (I have also been known to watch an episode or two of Keeping Up With The Kardashians!)

4. What are some of your top wellness tips and healthy eating habits?
Do Pilates! You will never regret it and you will look and feel awesome!
Ive used Rosehip Oil for many years but none that Ive ever used compares to RosehipPLUS. My skin has never looked better, ever. Ive had so many people notice and ask me what I use.and when others notice you know its good!
I love to eat clean. If it grows from tress or from the ground, swims in the ocean or grazes in paddocks, I eat it! I dont like processed, added additives (what even is anti-caking agent?) or anything with added sugar. There is nothing better than the smell of beautiful fresh vegetables and home grown herbs! My nan grows basil, mint, parsley and coriander in her garden for me so I always have fresh herbs ready to go.

5. What are a few of the easiest changes people could make in their daily lives to start improving their overall health?
1. Pilates at least 3 times a week! Not only do you look sensational and toned doing Pilates by Lisa, but you will feel great as well! Joseph Pilates, the creator of Pilates, said it is like giving yourself an internal shower. Youll stand taller, have better posture, aches and pains disappear and life just becomes easier when you have a strong core!
2. Avoid processed food! It is quicker and easier to cook a beautiful fresh meal than to go buy processed, fat laden easy meals. Its better for you, better for your family and better on your hip pocket!

6. What advice would you give to your younger self?
Always be true to yourself and dont be intimidated by what others think. Stand up for your beliefs. Tell the ones you love that you love them every single day-life is way too short and you never know whats around the corner. Life is an adventure so make every day a day where you smile, enjoy the little things and dare to dream!

7. Whats next in store for you on your life journey?
We are currently undergoing some exciting new added member sections at Pilates by Lisa. My plan for the future and the future of Pilates by Lisa is to keep helping women and men around the world become the best version of themselves and break down the barriers. Fitness should be affordable, accessible and available to everyone, no matter what. Regardless of age, size, ability, income, nationality or gender, we aim to make our online workouts a service that makes everyone feel a part of a community. Studio classes can be extremely expensive, exclusive, intimidating and out of reach for many. We offer a free 10 day trial to our online classes, so its the perfect way to sample them if youre interested in giving Pilates a try! Our workouts are great for all levels, there is so much variety to choose from, and they are truly effective. We have an exciting New Year New You Challenge starting 1st January 2018 which is free to all members and some excellent new additions coming to the website very soon! We are all very excited for the future of Pilates By Lisa!

Interview Pilates By Lisa

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