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Joint Health For Active Living Our Survey Results Are In

Here at Rose-Hip Vital our focus is your joint health. Young or old, we want you to be able to keep doing the things you love. Being active keeps you healthy but can also result in joint issues if you are not considering how your activities effect your joints. So we could be more informed on how Australians exercise, how their bodies cope and what preventative measures are being take to retain healthy joints, we ran a survey   and the results are in!

The biggest shock for us is that a huge 85% of the people surveyed admitted that theyre failing to take care of their joints.

We also discovered:

  • Joint pain is a significantly bigger issue than muscle pain (11%) with Australians reporting the top complaints being:
    • Back pain (44%)
    • Knee pain (30%
    • Shoulder pain (21%), and
    • Hip Pain (13%)
  • 72% suffer from joint ailments
  • Australians slow down on exercise between 36-50 with 22% admitting they dont do any physical activity
  • 89% believe that joint supplements are no longer necessary once theyve stopped exercising
  • People who live alone are the least likely to exercise with 24% admitting they dont do any physical activity
  • Young Australians are the least likely to take care of their joints with almost 40% of those under 17 failing to take any pre/post training measures.

So, given that participation in exercise decreases with age, with more than a quarter of 51-69 year olds admitting that dont do any physical activity, and joint issues increasing with age, you can see how important joint supplements are for everyone  not just athletes.

While many people presume joint supplements are only necessary for those who participate in intense high impact exercise, 56% of the people we surveyed nominated light cardio as their preferred method yet they still experience joint pain so it is not only those in high impact sports that need to watch out.

And Aussies arent getting smarter with age. While participation in exercise decreases with age, with more than a quarter of 51-69 year olds admitting that dont do any physical activity, their joint pain rise.

The number of Australians taking joint supplements continues to rise with age, so does joint pain. Indeed over 77% of Australians over the age of 75 are still failing to take natural joint supplements despite reporting mild to server joint pain.

While most people understand the importance of a healthy diet and keeping hydrated we may be servicing the wrong parts of our bodies in our plight to reach optimum health.  If were to keep doing the things we love our study shows how important it is to look after our joints and joint health.

Luckily it is never too late to start treating joint issues!

In light of these new findings we are dedicating the month of November to informing and inspiring when it comes to Joint Health for an Active lifestyle. We have an exciting giveaway to announce soon on Facebookand plenty of blog posts and social media shares all about how to look after your joints and stay active. So stay connected!

*All survey results above come from a recent survey undertaken by McCrindle on behalf of Rose-Hip Vital.

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