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Keeping It Natural Do You Know Whats In Your Beauty Products

Keeping It Natural Do You Know Whats In Your Beauty Products

As you know, we at Rose-Hip Vital are all about natural products with no added nasties! We also want all our customers and visitors to this blog to be inspired to live a healthier life.

This week the College of Natural Beauty in Brisbane, leaders in training people in the beauty industry who also take a holistic approach (yay!), have declared this week Natural Beauty Week. All week they have been hosting special events and webinars lead by inspiring health and beauty experts to talk about embracing your natural beauty and using natural beauty products. We love this approach and thought we would jump on the band wagon this week to push the point.

The point is, how important it is to get rid of all the products with lots of nasties from your make-up bag and bathroom cabinet, and start to think about what you put on your skin and how it effects your health.

What you put on your skin is as important as what you put on your mouth. In the modern world we are bombarded with chemicals from all directions, some of which we cant control (ie. in the air). They all build up in our system which can create all sorts of health issues. We can however control some of these chemicals by being aware of what goes on our skin and in our mouth. Dont be overwhelmed, its just like changing your eating habits, little bit at the time in the right direction and change will happen for the good.

Here are our tips on how to get started:

  • Only buy natural from now on. Dont give in because you are buying last minute, its cheaper or you want the latest trend. Think about the effects it will have on you long term and dont fall for instant gratification.
  • Educate yourself on how brands label their products and note that natural doesnt necessarily mean the product is the best available. Understand the Certifed Organiclabeling and think about what else is important to you in regards to how that product effects the world around you. Is it PETA approved or made with recyclable packaging for example. Visit brands websites and learn more about their company so you can decide if they align with your values.
  • Lets dig deeper and start to understand ingredients and what you should and shouldnt be putting on your skin and why.  You might want to just take some time to read up on this. Once you know the effects and can see the bigger picture you are likely to think about it more often. What is SLS and what are parabens bad? We love Claire Charters pocket guide on her Eco Blog which you can print up and keep in your bag for instant reference.
  • Now you are across all of the above you can do a spring clean of all your beauty products. Ditch anything that is old or unused and then start reading the labels. If there is a long list of ingredients you dont understand you may want to get rid of it or if its a favourite product take what you have learned from our points above and decide if you do want to keep using this product or look for a replacement.


Do you only use natural and organic beauty products? What are you favourite brands? 


Photo  credit: College of Natural Beauty @collegeofnaturalbeauty

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