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Vitamin C with Rosehips Enhances Skin Health

Discover how rosehips can help you unlock radiant, youthful skin, thanks to their rich content of natural vitamin C.

Vitamin C is well known for its antioxidant properties, which play a vital role in maintaining glowing skin. These antioxidants neutralize free radicals that cause oxidative stress, one of the main causes of fine lines and dullness. Vitamin C is also essential for collagen synthesis, the protein responsible for your skin’s strength and elasticity. Combined with the rosehip’s natural anti-inflammatory properties, this powerful superfood is the secret to enhancing your skin health.

Read on to learn more about vitamin C with rosehips, and our bestselling natural supplement, Rose-Hip Vital – which contains 46mg of natural vitamin C in every dose.

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Vitamin C with Rosehips

When it comes to vitamin C, oranges tend to get all the recognition. But did you know that some species of rosehips contain over forty times the vitamin C found in an orange?

Consuming naturally-occurring vitamin C is the best way to ensure high bioavailability, which means that your body recognizes it as fuel and absorbs the maximum number of benefits. Often, supplements claim to contain a high content of vitamin C, but the vitamin C is synthetic. This means that your body quickly discards it as waste, before any real benefits have been obtained.

The vitamin C contained in every dose of Rose-Hip Vital is cultivated naturally within the rosehip berry, ensuring that it works in synergy with your body. Better yet, there's at least 46mg of naturally-occurring vitamin C in every dose.

Along with vitamin C, rosehips are a superfood, rich in essential vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, antihistamines and essential fatty acids.

Using Rosehips for Vitamin C’s Antioxidant Benefits 

Free radicals are unstable molecules that can run rampant in your body, contributing to skin aging and dullness. Free radicals are highly reactive molecules that rely on hijacking or donating components from -or to- other stable molecules, to stabilize themselves. This process is called oxidization.

When oxidization occurs, it means the other molecule has descended into a state of instability. This creates a cascading effect throughout your body, as more and more molecules become compromised. Degenerative molecular integrity leads to cellular damage, which on the surface presents as dull and aged skin. Signs of this type of skin damage include wrinkles, fine lines, pigmentation, or lack of skin elasticity.

Antioxidants play a vital role in preventing oxidization by helping to neutralize free radicals, without becoming compromised themselves. In this way, they’re able to effectively break the cycle of molecular damage, allowing cells to repair and skin health to improve.

Vitamin C is one of the most powerful antioxidants on the planet, and getting a potent dose of natural vitamin C is easy with a superfood supplement like Rose-Hip Vital. Rose-Hip Vital is made with nothing but pure and natural rosehip berries!

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Vitamin C and Collagen

Collagen is the most abundant protein in your skin, and helps to provide structure, strength, and elasticity. By boosting collagen production, you can enhance your skin health by improving firmness, reducing sagging, and promoting overall radiance.

Vitamin C plays a key role in stabilizing collagen’s molecular structure. Without adequate vitamin C, the collagen produced by your body can be unstable and weak, and can be further degraded by oxidization. By consuming rosehips for vitamin C benefits, via a daily supplement like Rose-Hip Vital, you are ensuring your body’s vitamin C and collagen supplies never become depleted. This means you can maintain radiant, glowing skin for as long as possible. 

Ways that vitamin C with Rosehips Enhances Your Skin Health

There are many ways that rosehips, with their rich content of vitamin C, can help to enhance the youthfulness and vibrancy of your skin. Antioxidant properties help to prevent harmful oxidization, which contributes to fine lines, dullness, and sagging skin. Antioxidants help to reverse this effect, ensuring your skin remains smooth and radiant for as long as possible.

Not only is vitamin C able to protect against the signs of aging, it also has incredible benefits for wound healing and repair. Skin lesions are repaired more efficiently thanks to collagen synthesis, which supports skin cell regeneration.

Vitamin C helps to inhibit melanin production, which helps to reduce hyperpigmentation and age spots on the skin's surface. And increased collagen production reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, making your skin appear firmer and smoother.

Where Can I Buy Rosehips for Vitamin C?

Rose-Hip Vital is a 100% natural rosehip supplement, rich in natural vitamin C. Rose-Hip Vital is made with nothing but pure and natural rosehips, that we harvest and dry using patented processes. Our unique process unlocks the galactolipid GOPO, an incredibly powerful anti-inflammatory compound, that has comparative benefits to non-steroidal anti-inflammatories (NSAIDs) - without the uncomfortable side effects.

GOPO has made our superfood supplement famous the world over, thanks to its natural ability to treat debilitating joint pain and improve mobility. You can read more about Rose-Hip Vital's amazing anti-inflammatory benefits for arthritis on our website.

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Not only is Rose-Hip Vital rich in natural vitamin C, it contains many other antioxidants like manganese, selenium and vitamin E. It also contains 31 essential vitamin and minerals, including iron, zinc and magnesium, as well as flavonoids and essential fatty acids.

Rose-Hip Vital comes in powdered form or capsules, so you can get your daily dose of rosehips with vitamin C in a way that best suits your lifestyle.

Our Scientific Backing

Rose-Hip Vital is the only 100% natural rosehip supplement to be supported by 30 scientific and clinical studies, including 9 double-blind, placebo-controlled trials. These studies have all been included in peer-reviewed journals – you can read them yourself on our website.

Is Rose-Hip Vital Safe?

It is.

Rose-Hip Vital has been found to be well-tolerated, with no known side effects or contraindications, meaning it’s even safe to take alongside existing medication. 

How Do I Get Started? 

We have all the dosage information you need on our website, and you can buy your first tub of Rose-Hip Vital right here. If you still have questions, you can reach out to customer service here. 

Welcome to the Rose-Hip Vital family, we can't wait for you to start feeling better.

Improve your dogs joint health and wellbeing

Reduce inflammation, protect cartilage and boost immunity

Rose-Hip Vital® with GOPO® is a plant-based anti-inflammatory and immune system support for joint health and general wellbeing. Made from Rosehips manufactured with patented extraction and drying processes, it’s a scientifically and clinically tested natural anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and natural vitamin C used to relieve and prevent joint pain, stiffness, inflammation and swelling associated with mild arthritis.

Patented manufacturing processes isolate the active compound GOPO® which has scientifically and clinically tested anti-inflammatory and antioxidative properties. GOPO® works by stopping excess white blood cells from gathering around inflamed tissue, thereby helping to break the cycle of inflammation and protect cartilage. Rosehip products that do not contain GOPO® have not been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties.