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Wellness Expert Kris Abbey Talks About Her Realistic Approach To Good Health

Wellness Expert Kris Abbey Talks About Her Realistic Approach To Good Health

Kris Abbey is a health and wellness advocate who has been pushing the barrow of good, clean real food since she was 15! She has studied science, exercise physiology, physical education and nutrition and now spends a lot of her time writing, speaking, consulting and sharing her passion for health and wellness.

Living on the Northern Beaches of Sydney with her family, Kris also runs a boutique results-driven fitness studio that feeds her passion for helping people get fit and push beyond their comfort zone. Her website has been recently revamped offering online wellness packages which offer a holistic, realistic approach to health that combines fitness, nutrition, and mental wellbeing. We really appreciate the time Kris has given a guest blogger for us and now we thought it was time to delve a bit deeper into her wellness journey, what makes her tick and few more great health and wellness tips for you!

Share your journey with us. What first interested you in health and wellness, and what inspired you to share your passion with the world?

Wow! My journey. I guess it started when I was a kid and constantly getting sick and not quite feeling 100% or vital. After a lot of doctor visits, tests and disgusting medication, both my mother and I thought there had to be a better way to fight this.

I finally saw a natural health expert who got me off all medication, and helped me understand the root-cause of my health issues. Over the course of six months I was off all medication and eating foods that agreed with me. I began to feel amazing and healthy and extremely grateful for no longer feeling BLAH!

That was the start of my healthy obsession (and passion) with understanding food and the effects it can have on our body (both good and bad) as well as the benefits of regular exercise, a positive mental attitude, and taking regular time out.

So, for the past 30 odd years I have dedicated myself to constant learning and sharing this knowledge because I believe everyone has the ability (and deserves to) feel AMAZING. It is so good to feel great who doesnt want or deserve that?

Youre passionate about changing the way that people see dieting and eating whole foods, but what are some of the other things that you love to do in your day to day life?

  • I love to have fun (obviously) which I have most days!
  • I also love pushing people outside their comfort zone and seeing how shocked and amazed they are with their achievement this usually happens 6am most morning at one of my icycle classes. (Its a beautiful thing to witness)
  • I love that time in the car I have with the kids when we get to talk without distractions.
  • I love breakfast and my one real coffee I have in the morning before I start work.
  • And believe it or not, I love my work The people I get to meet, the ability to be creative, constantly trying new experiences and to travel on a regular basis to amazing destinations around the world every day is a good day at the office.


What are some of your top wellness tips and healthy eating habits?

  • Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day more if you have had a sweaty workout or drink tea/coffee
  • Try to eat a diet that is Low HI. That is, make the majority of what you eat as fresh and natural as possible over food that has had Human Intervention (processed, full of preservatives, has no goodness, has been over-cooked, comes in a box and can sit of your shelf for months etc)
  • Eat a variety of foods with lots of colour. Dont just eat the same thing over and over.
  • I know it is over-stated, but DO have a balanced diet. Pretty much the same as the point above (variety is key) but in terms of alcohol or chocolate, it is ok to have that from time to time just dont go stupid and constantly over-indulge. Keep it in balance.
  • Cut yourself some slack. If youve been working hard and doing a lot of things for everyone else, stop and do something for you. Recharge and relax but without the guilt.
  • Eat lean protein at every meal (helps you feel fuller longer).
  • I squeeze lemon juice on my greens (lowers the GI and makes the iron more readily absorbable).
  • I also take a probiotic, Rose-Hip Vital and a swig of Apple Cider Vinegar most days because my body just functions better when I do this.
  • Listen to your body. If something you eat makes you feel bloated, its not doing you any favours. If youre getting headaches, drink more water and dont assume they just happen. When you are full stop eating, if you are hungry than eat. Simple!
  • Choose good foods over bad.


What are a few of the easiest changes people could make in their daily lives to start improving their overall health now?

  1. Eat more fresh food and less of the packaged, convenience food.
  2. Make time to exercise.
  3. Plan your meals in advance. This saves time and mental angst every night deciding what to make and eat for dinner. And you are more likely to eat healthier if you plan ahead.
  4. Breathe. Before the madness of each day begins do a deep inhale and ex-hale and then go get em.


What advice would you give to your younger self?

Dont sweat the small stuff. Little issues are just that unless you want to turn them into something big. Put your energy into something positive rather than worrying about things that dont really matter in the scheme of things.


Whats next in store for you on your life journey?

On a personal journey Im enjoying watching my children grow into fantastic young adults. I love their company and really proud to see what good people they are evolving into.

Professionally, Im putting my focus into growing the krisabbey brand and offering doable, lovable, results-orientated health programs. Plus, Im working on a few other surprises.

Giving back   Im training hard to ride in this years Tour de Cure bike ride from Brisbane to Sydney to raise money for cancer research.

Visit the new look Kris Abbeywebsite for lots more health and wellness inspiration and online wellness programs that will have you feeling fabulous in 4 weeks!  Follow her on Instagram

Wellness Expert Kris Abbey Talks About Her Realistic Approach To Good Health

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