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Would you like to be pain free? Rose-Hip Vital Human

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2 x 150 Capsules

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Treat inflammation, protect cartilage and boost immunity

Feel results in 3 weeks

50 Day Money Back Guarantee

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50 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you aren't feeling less pain and stiffness by the end of your 50 day trial, we'll give you your money back.

What is it?

Rose-Hip Vital® is an oral supplement like no other. Its a clinically proven plant-based anti-inflammatory and immune system support for treating inflammation, relieve and maintain healthy joints, improving wellbeing and .

Rose-Hip Vital® is made from pure and natural Rosehips grown and manufactured with patented processes. Nothing else is added.

Much more than just a joint supplement!

It’s anti-inflammatory properties assist with systemic inflammation which help to reduce swelling, inflammation and pain associated with a wide variety of conditions. The rich natural vitamin C and powerful antioxidant combination provide significant immune system support which helps to discourage the attack on joints, repair damaged tissue and improve general health and wellbeing.

Research on humans also indicates Rose-Hip Vital® helps to improve kidney and cardiovascular function while helping to lower blood sugar levels.

The active compound

Patented processes isolate and activate the compound GOPO® which has scientifically proven anti-inflammatory and antioxidative properties.


Rose-Hip Vital® is supported by over 30 scientific papers including 9 clinical trials, unique to Rose-Hip Vital® products, which have been published in peer reviewed journals internationally and is now acknowledged as the leader in the field of manufactured Rosehip products.


There is only 1 ingredient, the Rosehip berry. Rose-Hip Vital® contains 100% Rosa Canina (Rosehip) Fruit Powder. Our products don't contain nuts, yeast, gluten, wheat, dairy, lactose or shellfish.

Free Shipping

Offer Ends Soon


Offer Ends

2 x 150 Capsules

$116.95 $81.87


Watch how Rose-Hip Vital has helped Lesley's Rheumatoid Arthritis

Watch Rose-Hip Vital on A Current Affair

How much do I take?

Take 3 capsules twice daily with meals. 

Each capsule contains 835mg of Rose-Hip Vital powder.Total powder content of tub 125g (4.4oz).
One bottle lasts 25 days.


Offer Ends

Free Shipping

Offer Ends Soon

2 x 150 Capsules

$116.95 $81.97

Discount: 30%

This is NOT a Subscription

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Note: This offer is an introductory special. This coupon code will work only once per email address.

Rose-Hip Vital Canine 500g | For Your Dog

50 Day Money Back Guarantee* and Free US Shipping!

If you aren’t feeling less pain and stiffness by the end of your 50 day trial, we'll give you your money back!

Results are typically noticed after 3 weeks.

3 capsules 2.5g twice daily.
150 capsules will last 25 days.
Each capsule contains 835mg patented Rosehip powder.
Total powder content 125g (4.4oz)

Rose-Hip Vital® with GOPO® may help:

Relieve pain and symptoms associated with mild Osteoarthritis.
Temporarily relieve joint inflammation/swelling associated with mild Arthritis.
Improve joint mobility in mild Arthritis.
Temporarily relieve joint pain/aches associated with mild Arthritis.

$116.95 $81.87

Discount: 30%


Old wive's tale? Nope! Snake Oil? Absolutely not! Too good to be true? No way!

Rose-Hip Vital is a tried, tested, and proven product. With over 30 scientific studies, including 9 double-blind placebo-controlled clinical trials we are SO confident that you will see results using Rose-Hip Vital we happily offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee on our Human products and Canine sizes!*

If you don't see the results you were hoping for get in touch with us! Our head office is full of friendly Rose-Hip Vital Specialists, with first-hand experience, that are more than happy to assisst! We've got loads of handy tips and tricks to help!

If we can't help, follow the steps in the link below to make your 100% Money Back Guarantee Claim! Learn more about our Money Back Guarantee HERE.