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Our Customers Stories

Sheer Etiquette (Ellie)

RIDER: Susan Paix's

In 2011 we started competing at Grand Prix International, unfortunately arthritic changes and stiffness set in for Ellie and we sadly decided to retire. Six months ago I started Ellie on Rose-Hip Vital. The change is unbelievable. 

Ellie is better now than when she was competing. Ellie and I are going back into competition at the ripe age of 20. This is so exciting!

Life is too short to be unhealthy. Thank you Rose-Hip Vital!

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AGE: 19
CONDITION: Foot Infection

"She walks better, her coat looks really healthy and in general she seems brighter"


Queenie started on Rose-Hip Vital at the end of October last year. She'd had a foot infection that the vet said would never heal at her age. I was really preparing for her end of life. The following week I went interstate for a short family visit, but I had an accident and ended up staying away for 2 months. Fortunately my good farmer friend fed Queenie every day (with the Rose-Hip Vital). Each time I called he said she was doing well and to be honest I thought he was just saying it to make me feel ok. When I came back I was sooo happy to see how much she has improved. She walks better, her coat looks really healthy and in general she seems brighter. She's put on weight too, probably because she's not in so much pain. Thank you so much. 


Queenie on Rose-Hip Vital Equine

Mr Pete

AGE: 31
LOCATION: Santa Clarita, CA

"Mr. Pete was like a new horse! Running and bucking and his energy level returned. Never thought I would see this again at 31 years old!"


Mr. Pete had very little mobility and was stiff with low energy. He was at the point where he would not walk out of his stall, and we were up against the difficult decision of having to put him down due to quality of life.

We started seeing results in just a few short weeks of starting him on the loading dose. Mr. Pete was like a new horse! Running and bucking and his energy level returned. Never thought I would see this again at 31 years old! Rose-Hip Vital Equine has made so much difference for this little Pony of America (POA)! He is now on the maintenance dose and continues to show signs of improvement.


AGE: 14

"No sign of lameness whatsoever! I have officially become a Rose-Hip Vital lifer!!"


Rip was very lame due to the inflammation caused by a bone cyst in front right knee. His hoof needed minimal trimming because he barely put weight on that leg.

After starting Rose-Hip Vital Rip is walking with ease on day 16 (I saw improvement on day 2), no sign of lameness whatsoever! I have officially become a Rose-Hip Vital lifer!!


AGE: 15

"After using Rose-Hip Vital for 1 month I am amazed at how he is back to his playful self. I am a believer"


Before Rose-Hip Vital, Cowboy was in so much pain he couldn't walk. It broke my heart. I was at a loss. I tried everything.

After using Rose-Hip Vital for 1 month I am amazed at how he is back to his playful self. I am a believer.. I am a real person and this is a real video.


AGE: 10
LOCATION: Moses Lake, WA

“Peanut today has been moving freer and happier to be rode”



I bought this for my 10-year-old mare that has been “crippled” or “off” for 5 years. She was excellent and super-fast barrel horse at age 4 but when she was 5 she got her halter caught on the trailer, panicked, and pulled back. I believe this messed up her pull which then led to her back and into each over her legs overtime after still competing and training. She started limping but she would favor a different leg every time. I saw a horse on one of your videos that moved a lot like Peanut so I thought “well it’s can’t hurt to try”. Peanut today has been moving freer and happier to be rode, she’s not completely sound yet but she’s getting really close!

I have been very happy with the results!



AGE: 8

"After starting Rose-Hip Vital he was jumping much better, cantering and trotting much better"


Boom is a green OTTB he was stiff and couldn’t jump higher than this till we put him on Rose-Hip Vital. After starting Rose-Hip Vital he was jumping much better, cantering and trotting much better.


AGE: -

"After 2.5 weeks on Rose-Hip Vital Equine he's running around again"


Hank was really struggling, I was going to put him down. After 2.5 weeks on Rose-Hip Vital Equine he's running around again! 


AGE: 22

"Then we decided to try Rose-Hip Vital, best choice of my life! His condition came back, he got shine and his spark back"


Came back from school one day and Kodi couldn't walk. He lost shine, condition and wasn't happy. Took him to vets, chiropractor everything and nobody could tell us what was wrong. Pain medication made him aggressive and everything else we tried he refused to eat.

Then we decided to try Rose-Hip Vital, best choice of my life! His condition came back, he got shine and his spark back. He returned to the horse we knew and he was able to walk again after some rehab to help build muscle again. He was being ridden and jumped before we knew it. It was like 10 years were added to his life.


AGE: 18

"As soon as I take her off Rose-Hip Vital she is lame again. She’s on it for life!"


Bubbi was very stiff and unsound. She did not want to move at all. Issues in stifle and hocks. I have owned her for 15 years so know very well what her normal is and this is not it. She’s normally a fire breathing dragon.

I have had her on forcyte and noticed no change but as soon as I take her off Rose-Hip Vital she is lame again. She’s on it for life!


AGE: 27

"Charlie can now live out his old age pain free"


Charlie is old and stiff ...possibly arthritis. Also prone to pulling muscles. He was a station horse and worked hard throughout his life before coming to us for retirement. On Rose-Hip Vital Charlie can now live out his old age pain free. 


AGE: 14
CONDITION: Laminitis

"After only 3 weeks on Rose-Hip Vital, Hollie is walking & trotting on hard surfaces, I've even been able to ride her without her being uncomfortable!!"


For the past 2 years Hollie has suffered from severe laminitis, she hasn't been able to walk on bare earth or any hard surface without extreme pain. I've tried many supplements & numerous poultices without achieving any noticeable results.

After only 3 weeks on Rose-Hip Vital, Hollie is walking & trotting on hard surfaces, I've even been able to ride her without her being uncomfortable!! I am amazed & extremely pleased with the results in such a short time!

Little Red

AGE: 21
CONDITION: Arthritis

"After just a week on Rose Hip Vital, we were amazed at how much Little Red was improving!"


Little Red started showing early signs of arthritis and joint problems when she began limping. We were shocked though at how fast her condition worsened. She went from limping to hobbling and soon she didn’t even want to move around. Most of the day she would be lying on her side because it was too painful for her to even stand. At this point we were seriously thinking about the possibility of having to put her to sleep.

After just a week on Rose Hip Vital, we were amazed at how much Little Red was improving! She was no longer lying down during the day and she was moving around a lot more easily. After 8 weeks, Little Red was looking like her old self again! She is now moving around freely and is so much happier! We are continuing her on a maintenance dosage and looking forward to taking her out for some light rides!


AGE: -

"After 7 months on Rose-Hip Vital he was back to competing and winning ribbons!"


Spike used to struggle with walking and found trotting too hard...it was time to retire him.

After 8 weeks on Rose-Hip Vital he could semi-hold a canter stride and after 7 months on Rose-Hip Vital he was back to competing and winning ribbons!

Raven Man O Man M617

AGE: 6.5

"The improvement has been nothing short of phenomenal! Our vet is amazed!"


Severley ruptured CL in a Limousin stud bull. Severely lame could not walk at all. Prognosis was no cure and euthanasia recommended as this injury advised not repairable. Bovine specialists were also consulted who advised same. Discussions with vet pre my decision to try RHV raised concerns that bovine stomach would likely not allow absorption of product. We started administering RHV, figured nothing to lose and the improvement has been nothing short of phenomenal! Our vet is amazed! This bull could barely walk at all, he was severely and horrifically immobile and lame. The improvement so far had been absolutely remarkable!! After approx 6 weeks of treatment he made a significant, noticeable and phenomenal improvement with full mobility, and gait, covering large strides comfortably (though some impediment). He also seems much happier, comfortable, and more his normal self. I have also noticed his overall condition has improved considerably. The difference between him pre treatment, and now is simply unbelievable! Thank you.


Letter from Veterinarian Dr Scott Bissaker BVSc 14/04/2022:

Morpeth Veterinary Hospital
105 Swan Street
Morpeth NSW 2321

To whom it may concern,

I presented to Mr and Mrs Sutcliffe’s property on the 22nd of December, 2021 to examine Man O Man, a mature Limousin Bull for acute right hind lameness. On physical examination, he was found to have marked (grade 4) right hind lameness, right stifle instability and joint effusion consisten with, and thus presumptive diagnosis of, craniel cruciate rupture. Unfortunately, the prognosis for this type of injury is poor with most individuals humanely euthanized.

There are experimental studies in the USA showing promising resluts for surgical repair however we could not find anyone in Australia performing these surgeries here and this medical management was the only option available to Man O Man. Traditionally medical management of these cases included anti-inflammatory pain relief and strict confinement for up to 6 months. Oral supplements used in other species are often found to be ineffective in Ruminant species due to microflora action in the forestomach, thus resulting in poor bioavailability to the patient.

Mrs Sutcliffe researched and proposed using Rose Hip during his recovery and due to the above reasoning, I was skeptical of its effects. Man O Man has been on Rose Hip supplementation for a couple of months now and I’m happy to report his clinical picture is much improved. His lameness, despite still being present, has improved dramatically and he appears to be moving much more freely and sure footed.

I would be interested to see any previous, current or future studies on the use of Rose Hip in cattle for not only traumatic orthopeadic injuries but also for degenerative diseases.

Kind regards,

Dr Scott Bissaker BVSc

Raven Man O Man M617 on Rose-Hip Vital Equine


AGE: 21

"We have had to stick to double dose and have seen improvements"



Madonna is an aged mare with a foal at foot. She was under vet treatment due to lameness for quite sometime. As a last resort we tried Rose-Hip Vital, before having to put Madonna down. We have had to stick to douple dose and have seen improvements. Now Madonna is able to walk freely and without any form of discomfort she is able to now live out her life in the retirement paddock happily.


Madonna on Rose-Hip Vital Equine


AGE: Over 15
CONDITION: Arthritis 

"The difference in our elderly pony is amazing"



We got Mia a couple of years ago as a companion for our elderly pony who suffers from laminitis and has to be kept separated from our other horses in a paddock with limited grass. We didn’t know much about Mia’s background apart from the fact that she was also elderly. Ever since we got her she struggled with her mobility. We assumed like our other pony that it was due to laminitis and gave her the appropriate supplements and medication to treat that. Unlike our other pony she just wasn’t responding to the treatment for laminitis. We had her on a low sugar/starch diet, Founderguard and Bute which weren't working. We noticed that her stiffness seemed to be worse in the morning and cold weather so got an equine body worker to do an assessment on her. She confirmed that Mia had arthritis in her right hip.

We had been using Rose-Hip Vital for a couple of years on our 25 year old horse and 15 year old dog after seeing a testimonial for it on Facebook. They had both had great results with Rose-Hip Vital so we decided to try it with Mia. Within two weeks she was walking much better and within six weeks she was walking normally. Now after 10 weeks she is trotting around the paddock. The difference in our elderly pony is amazing. She is no longer on any treatment or medication for laminitis. Rose-Hip Vital has worked so well for Mia we’ve also put our other elderly pony, Cupcake, on it and have noticed a huge improvement in her mobility also.

Mia on Rose-Hip Vital Equine


AGE: 30

"It was the best decision we ever made!"


When Chocolate came into our care she was diagnosed with Cushings Disease, Metabolic issues causing Chronic Diarrhoea, anemia and dermatitis. She also had almost no teeth. She lost a lot of weight very quickly and her muscles deteriorated. She eventually could not stand up by herself. I was researching equine supplements and came across Rose Hip Vital and although the price was up there we decided to give it a go. It was the best decision we ever made! We added 3/4 scoop daily to her new diet and within 2 weeks she was able to stand up by herself and walk very slowly. After a month, she was able to Trot and Canter. We have been using Rose Hip Vital for 11 weeks and she is able to Jump and Gallop. She’s a completely different pony. Her coat is shiny,  her skin has cleared up drastically and her energy levels have skyrocketed. We have not stopped recommending Rose Hip Vital. This product has improved the quality of Chocolate’s life significantly and it is well worth the price!


Chocolate on Rose-Hip Vital Equine


AGE: 17
CONDITION: Arthritis

"He is happy to move forward and trot freely"



Creamy is a one in a million horse with a big heart and loads of capability.


In three years, he has taken our 8 year old son from a beginner rider to a campdraft champion.


At 17 years of age, he has an old injury and has suffered arthritis for many years. In recent months, his gait has become rigid and he is reluctant to move forward.


After 6 weeks on Rose Hip Vital, Creamy had much improved fluidity in his joints and appeared much more comfortable in his gait.


At 8 weeks he just keeps getting better! He is happy to move forward and trot freely. So wonderful to see this pair continue their adventures together.


Creamy on Rose-Hip Vital Equine


AGE: 6
CONDITION: Stringhalt

“He is definitely moving much more freely and jerking hind leg action is virtually non-existent”.



At the time of this video, late November 2019, was when I began to trial Rose-Hip Vital in his diet.

I actually was seeing improvement a few weeks before I took this video, but as I was pretty sceptical, wanted to leave it a bit longer to make sure he didn’t relapse, lol. As seen, he is definitely moving much more freely, and jerking hind leg action is virtually non-existent. During the time he was supplemented on Rose-Hip Vital, I continued the massage therapy, but no other changes or supplements were made to diet.



AGE: 20


“We struggle to keep up with him now!”



Our pony was intermittently lame and stiff. This often meant that he was unable to be ridden and my daughter would have to miss pony club rallies. After much we made some minor changes to his feed and got out our Vet.

We invested in hoof X-Rays which resulted in some minor changes to how our farrier was trimming our pony. Our vet told us despite these changes which would improve the situation that we would most likely need to keep our pony on anti-inflammatory medication for the rest of his life.

I introduced Rose-Hip Vital while he was still on the medication and gradually decreased the anti-inflammatory medication. I’ve kept him on the Rosehip Vital powder daily in his feed and we struggle to keep up with him on foot at pony club now.

He has not needed any medication for months now and is a much happier pony.


AGE: 5
CONDITION: Performance


“After 3 weeks on Rose-Hip Vital, Blaze is so much more forward and willing!”



Since purchasing Blaze in March 2019, he has been having some performance issues. I had a vet check done; they couldn’t find any issues. He gets regular massages, which he loves! But they don’t seem to help relieve his stiffness much and he saw a chiropractor who said he couldn’t really find any obvious reason for his stiffness. I noticed he was worse, very jerky and stiff going downhill and would often be very hesitant or refuse to go downhill.  

My chiropractor suggested I try Blaze on some joint formula, and I had seen Rosehip Vital advertised and after I watched a couple of videos and read some reviews I decided to give it a go.  

After 3 weeks on Rose-Hip Vital, Blaze is so much more forward and willing! In addition to being a more willing partner, I believe Rose-Hip Vital helped improve his overall condition. He is looking amazing! I definitely recommend this product to anyone who’s horse is having performance issues or is suffering from any joint related pain.



AGE: 19
CONDITION: Performance


“Flighty is now able to trot and canter to her full potential!”



Flighty’s condition before taking rose hip vital was that she would short step on her right hind leg. And could not trot nor canter properly.


Since taking Rose-Hip Vital Flighty is now able to trot and canter to her full potential.

We are now also working cattle to get ready for our cutting season next year.


AGE: 8 
CONDITION: Navicular


“Back riding after 6 weeks, I am ecstatic, he is feeling great!”



I turned Tatta out for about 4 months, took his shoes off, he was fine. When I started bringing him back into work he was lame.I got him shod, still lame. Had the chiropractor out, still lame. Then we went to the vet for x-rays which showed early stages of navicular.

Vet suggested cortisone injections and corrective shoeing.
One injection once a week for 4 weeks and then once a month after that. He had a total of 5. They hardly helped.

Then I got Rose-Hip Vital Equine after seeing before and after videos on Facebook. At the 3 week mark in the video I was still half way through my first 1.5kg tub.

He now has wedges on and rubber wedges in between the hoof and the shoe (he always had wedges on in the past).

I was ready for his early retirement; he was starting to look and feel like a garden ornament. Back riding after 6 weeks, I am ecstatic, he is feeling great.

Improve your horse's joint health and wellbeing

Reduce inflammation, protect cartilage and boost immunity

Rose-Hip Vital® Equine is a plant-based anti- inflammatory and immune system support for your horse’s joint health and general wellbeing. Made from Rosehips manufactured with patented processes, Rose-Hip Vital® Equine is scientifically proven to reduce inflammation, protect cartilage, improve general health and improve performance.

Patented extraction and drying processes isolate and activate the compound GOPO® which has scientifically proven anti-inflammatory and antioxidative properties. GOPO® works by stopping excess white blood cells from gathering around inflamed tissue, thereby helping to break the cycle of inflammation and protect cartilage. Rosehip products that do not contain GOPO® have not been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties.