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4 Simple Ways To Stay Healthy Well At Work

 4 Simple Ways To Stay Healthy Well At Work

If you find yourself feeling exhausted after a long day at work or frustrated that you cant stick to your health and fitness goals, you are not alone! It is easy to keep track and glow with good health on the weekends or during time off, but when we return to work it can be difficult to stick to our goals so we find ourselves falling back into bad habits.

However, just because we are at work all day doesnt mean we cant stay healthy and fit. Below are four of our top tips and lifestyle changes that can help you stay and healthy and well in the workplace all year round.

Preparation is key

Spending Sunday afternoons planning, shopping and prepping meals may sound laborious but it is the perfect time to ensure that you are more likely to eat well all week at work. Pre-cut vegetables to include in a salad, make sandwiches or wraps filled with wholesome ingredients or organise smoothie ingredients into zip-lock freezer bags to pull out and pop into a blender each morning. Bringing healthy home made meals decreases the chances of you buying easily accessible take away food that may be high in hidden sugars, fats or salt. Make sure to include some lean protein, salad or fresh veggies, and fresh fruit for lasting energy with no afternoon slump.

Meal planning also includes preparing healthy snacks. Avoid a 3pm energy crash and sugar cravings by bringing healthy snacks from home including carrot or celery sticks with hummus, cheese sticks, nuts, fresh or dried fruit.

If youre finding yourself stuck for some lunch box inspiration check out our blog post where we shared some of our favourite quick and healthy lunch ideas.

Drink more water 

Staying hydrated not only helps you stay focused, it also effects your energy levels and overall health. Sipping on h2o throughout the day helps you stay alert and refreshed, promotes clear thinking and boosts productivity. Keep a large bottle at your desk and constantly refill it throughout the day.

But if you find it hard to drink large amounts of water or prefer to reach for flavoured drinks try infusing your water with a variety of fruits such as lemon, mint, cucumber, lime or even berries to add a light flavour. Not only is your water more visually appealing, it tastes great and is full of added vitamins and antioxidants and a whole lot less sugar in comparison to soft drinks. Take a look at these recipes for some ideas or try making up your own!

Keep moving 

Sitting down all day at work with limited movement not only impacts your thought process it also effects your overall health. Stand up as much as you can or take a 3 minute break every hour to get up and walk around to reduce the pressure on your back and neck, help burn off some extra calories and clear your mind.

Try to also weave incidental exercise into your day where ever possible. Simple acts can include taking the stairs instead of an elevator, walking to a colleges desk instead of sending an email, using your lunch break to take a walk or getting off a stop earlier on the train or bus on the way to and from work for a little bit of extra exercise. Staying active outside of work is also important. Go to the gym, go for a walk or a swim every bit of movement counts! Keep inspired to keep moving by following these 4 inspirational fitness blogs.

Keep your work space clean and tidy

Little do we know, but the average work desk harbours hundreds of times more bacteria than the average toilet seat pretty gross right? Keep your desk neat and tidy, clean up at the end of the day and keep surfaces, key boards and mouses clean. Not only will it reduce the chance of a nasty cold or flu but will also help clear your mind, stay focused and stress levels down.

Add some motivational quotes, photos or posters around your desk area or by making your own bulletin board to remind yourself of your health and wellness goals.

What are some of your tips for keeping healthy at work? Share them with us below!

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